World First Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) Exchange
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Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) is

Secure, Convenient, Affordable

On-chain exchange
On-chain mass adoption
On-chain activity

“The big really valuable and necessary thing”

The big really valuable and necessary thing that ERC4337 ... smart contract wallets.

Vitalik Buterin
Co-founder at Ethereum

"Pretty Big Deal”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin acknowledged that the account abstraction upgrades is "really elegant."

Crypto News

“Ton of flexibility and room for innovation”

Native AA unlocks a ton of flexibility and room for innovation for wallet UX.

Alex Miao
Software engineer at Alchemy
Nectar offers:

Low Cost

Gas fees saving

Saves costs up to 90% through transaction bundling & smart contract optimization, driven by our engineering expertise.

No hidden costs

Eliminates impermanent loss with our engineering and guarantees zero slippage with limit order


Your Key, Your coin

Guards against centralized exchange treasury risks protecting your assets from bank runs.

On-chain verification guaranteed

Guarantees every activity is on-chain, ensuring your complete control and ability to verify and contest.

MEV Attack resistance

Prevents MEV attacks effectively with our security architecture and proprietary tech, outclassing AMM DEXs

Fast & Easy

As fast as centralized exchanges

Provides faster processing speed over other exchanges

Order Books

Offers simple and familiar UX like order books and candle charts
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