Leveraging Account Abstraction, Nectar is set to offer

Security, Affordability, Convenience

Capital Efficiency
Slow Speed,
High Gas Fees and Slippages
A Next-generation exchange that combines the best:
Speedy, Non-custodial, Cost efficient, Ensuring minimal gas fees.
Potential Bank Run Risks
“The big really valuable and necessary thing”

The big really valuable and necessary thing that ERC4337 ... smart contract wallets.

Vitalik Buterin
Co-Founder at Ethereum
"Account abstraction tech transforms Web3, enabling new experiences."

The Smart Account feature is crucial for achieving this goal, as account abstraction tech revolutionizes Web3 adoption, enabling fresh use cases and experiences.

Jason Lau
Chief Innovation Officer at OKX
“Ton of flexibility and room for innovation”

Native AA unlocks a ton of flexibility and room for innovation for wallet UX.

Alex Miao
Software engineer at Alchemy
"Pretty Big Deal”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin acknowledged that the account abstraction upgrades is "really elegant.

Crypto News
Problems nectar solves

Why Nectar?

Small amount on-chain trading makes sense.

You pay $10-20 gas fees on Uniswap for $100-200 trading. That means your trade starts from -10% yield.
On Nectar, you pay less than a half of fees than other AMM DEX. Trading small amounts on-chain makes sense now.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

MEV attackers censor your trades on Uniswap and steal your yield.

On Nectar, your trades are safe from sandwich attacks as they are invisible to the predators.

Get early access to brand new tokens.

It takes time for CEXs to list a new token. Use Nectar to get access earlier than others with low costs.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Use Nectar APIs just as you do Binance APIs

Don't build another trading system for on-chain trading. Use your existing systems and just add an adapter to Nectar. Open the gate to a better yield with safety.
Our Solution

Nectar Offers

Low Cost On-Chain Trading is here, Finallly!

No more high, unpredictable gas fees

Saves cost up to 90% through custom transaction building & smart contract optimization, enabled by extreme engineering and optimization.

No hidden Costs

Say good-bye to Impermanent Loss (IL) and slippage with limit order.

Secure and Transparent

Your Key, Your Assets

You asset is safe from bank runs. You have the complete control over your tokens.

Transparent On-Chain Settlement

Every trade is settled on-chain transparently, protected from market manipulations.

MEV Attack resistance

Don’t lose your yield to MEV attackers. With Nectar’s security architecture and proprietary tech, MEV attack is fundamentally blocked outclassing AMM DEXs.

Fast APIs for Instu’s & Easy UX for Beginners

Fast Trading

Thousands of tradings are processed in a single transaction.

CEX-like APIs for Professionals

Nectar ensures an easy shift with your existing CEX setup to a safer on-chain trading environment.

Candle Charts and Order Books

Understand the market, know your trades. Use candle charts and order books for better yields.

Experience the next-gen trading at no cost today !!

Earn 5 ETH for demo trading and start making more.